Virtual office

Virtual Office

Welcome to the future,

welcome to the now

We live in a world where it is no longer necessary to interact in person to get the best service. Technology has helped us to eliminate everything that is not efficient, preserving the essence, saving costs and hassles.

Select the type of query you need



30 minutes

60 €



60 minutes

Document review

100 €



60 minutes

Document review

Legal report

150 €

Choose how to make the videoconference

With your own phone or from a computer.

Nothing separates us anymore.

Technology will not be an impediment. We adapt to the technology you are most familiar with: WhatsApp, Zoom or Google Meet, without having to install anything, no need to configure anything.

Select the date

We have a wide schedule of morning and afternoon to adapt to your preferences, without investing time in travel, fast and efficient.

Confirm your appointment and pay online

You will receive the information of your appointment with our virtual office in your email or cell phone, with a link to save the appointment in your calendar so you don’t forget it.

One day before, we will remind you of your appointment with a message so that everything is ready on the day of your consultation.