Business development and strategy consulting services

Developing a business involves a constant search for new ways of generating income based on an established business model. This entails actively seeking out new opportunities, discovering our customers’ needs and creating new ones, looking for synergies and strategic alliances, creating an augmented product and much more.

Rosado & Asociados can advise your company on how to come up with a strategy that will help you adapt to a constantly evolving market, thus giving you a sustainable competitive advantage in order to increase profits and generate added value for your customers.

Business planning and strategy

  • Advising on the creation of companies
  • Creating business plans and feasibility plans
  • Designing and implementing business plans
  • Preparing market and positioning studies
  • Defining competitive advantages
  • Defining strategies for entering new markets

Business development

  • Product development plans
  • Diversification and strategic reorientation plans
  • Company adaption to the Data Protection Act

Marketing development

  • Developing corporate identity
  • Registering trademarks at the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office
  • Registering trademarks at European and international levels

Tax, accounting and labor advising department

Our Tax and Accounting Department provides Spanish and foreign companies with the necessary services to meet all the administration, accounting, tax and employment requirements of the different administration offices, while staying on track with their activities.

Direct, personalized service

Our Business Development and Strategy Consulting Services Department endeavors to provide personalized and up-to-date services based on business excellence. This way, if the company has provided the necessary documents online, we can provide tailor-made and updated information on the company’s financial status.

Our commitment to excellence is such that we will not accept more than twenty-five SMEs as clients and we will only accept accounting documentation online

Rosado & Asociados has a team of professionals with expertise to help your company, regardless of its current status, and actively collaborates with marketing companies.