Legal services department

Rosado y Asociados provides legal counseling in all law areas, especially in business law. We are highly committed to our clients and our main objective is to provide excellent service. Rosado y Asociados collaborates with law firms in Portugal, the United Kingdom, Belgium (EU) and the USA, which enables us to provide our clients global counseling.

Committed to quality

Rosado & Asociados serves its clients with a focus on offering the highest standards of professionalism, quality and immediacy. Based on these foundations, we are totally committed to our clients’ interests. For this reason, all our clients receive personal service, their cases are directly managed by a highly qualified attorney, and always supervised by the managing partner, who monitors and coordinates the different professionals who work on the cases.

Comprehensive service

Our dedication to service also seeks to fill the void usually left by single-attorney firms, which can also be too large in the case of big law firms. We always adapt our services and rates on a case-by-case basis, while constantly monitoring the current needs of each company, needs which are often only covered by foreign law firms.

For this, to our legal counseling services we add our knowledge of the issues, the true environment in which they originated, and the circumstances that provide their legal framework.

We understand the practice of law, not only as a professional practice for solving disputes, but also as a way to help our clients anticipate events and develop their activities with guarantees of legal protection, efficiency and profitability.

Ongoing training and teamwork

In order to adequately respond to our clients’ needs, we pay special attention to our staff’s ongoing training. Teamwork and information management are key tools in the development of our services: all our professional office staff is well familiarized with each case, although only one of them is in charge of its direct supervision. This way, each case’s tactics, different approaches, as well as the evidence and documents, are reviewed by at least three experts in the pertinent fields of the law. This feature distinguishes us from other law firms, since your case is approached from different points of view, which the team shares at the end, in order to provide the best possible defense of our client’s interests.

Our legal team currently consists of four lawyers who can offer their services in Spanish, English, and French.