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We are pleased to introduce our new Virtual Dispatch service. Imagine making consultations from the comfort of your home or office, saving time and money in the process. We are evolving to serve you better and we are confident that this innovation will benefit you greatly.

Legal services

Rosado & Asociados provides legal counseling in all law areas, especially in business law. We are highly committed to our clients and our main objective is to provide excellent service. Rosado & Asociados collaborates with law firms in Portugal, the United Kingdom, Belgium (EU) and the USA, which enables us to provide our clients global counseling.

International consulting department

Our International Consulting Services allow us to offer our clients personalized services for their companies’ foreign trade objectives, internationalization, proposals for international organizations such as the UN, the World Bank, the African Development Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, etc.

Business development and strategy consulting services

Developing a business involves a constant search for new ways of generating income based on an established business model. Rosado & Asociados can advise your company on how to come up with a strategy that will help you adapt to a constantly evolving market, thus giving you a sustainable competitive advantage in order to increase profits and generate added value for your customers.

Appraising department

The Appraising Department provides our clients solutions to problems when it is necessary to assess the value of a specific good, ascertain damages, assess the value of a company, an inheritance, an administrative allowance, the price of a property or to analyze the level or quality in the completion of a building and its materials.

Translation and interpretation department

One of the members of our staff is an English-Spanish translator-interpreter officially certified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a professional French and German translator.

Branding & Marketing

Almost without realizing it customers are influenced by brands in their purchasing decisions. In recent years, we have witnessed how the brand name of what we buy shifts the product itself into second place. Regardless of a company’s size, the image it projects has a significant impact on its growth and presence in the market.